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Mr. Jia, the founder of XISHUN Acrylic, has been fond of creation and invention since he was a child, and he loves manual works. At the age of 30, Mr. Jia started to get in touch with acrylic materials. At that time, it was rare to find acrylic factories, and acrylic was costly. So he began to investigate the use and performance of acrylic, and he found that acrylic has extremely high light transmittance, and it's not as fragile as glass. Mr. Jia thought acrylic would have an irreplaceable position in the advertising industry.
In 1995, a team of 48 members was formed to develop the acrylic production business in the next few decades.
In 1996, Xishun Plastics Factory was established and it has been focusing on the extrusion process. In the same year, Xishun Acrylic was acknowledged in Chinese material market.
In 1997, four distributors open in Foshan. XISHUN Acrylic have won praise and trust from the market, and has a pivotal position in the Chinese market.
In 2001, Mr. Jia discovered the viability of the cast acrylic sheet market and began to expand the technical team.
In 2003, Xishun Macromolecular Materials Factory was established.
In 2017, after over two decades of its manufacturing technology precipitation and development, XISHUN Acrylic is of top quality. Xishun has took a very large part of the market share in China, even in the world. At the same time, the founder's offspring returned from their overseas studies and set up an international trading department to serve customers around the world more conveniently, quickly and efficiently.

Today, XISHUN Acrylic has been facing and moving towards the world. In the future, XISHUN Acrylic will continue devoting to providing the most sincere service to global acrylic users , and to pass on the spirit of our corporate culture.

about us


To become a centennial enterprise with services all over the world

(Sustainable development, ecomagination, move with the times, seize opportunities, and face challenges bravely)


Integrity, efficiency, quality

Provide the highest quality and efficient service to give our customers the plateau experience.

Plateau Experience: An experience that people can feel their own value and happiness.

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