• VIDEO:Producing cast clear color acrylic sheet

    Xishun expanded its operation by setting up another production factory in Zhaoqing Guangdong province. Xishun Macro-molecule Material Factory is committed to its primary produc-tion lines includes GARY Acrylic Cast PMMA sheets and MMA monomer. Xishun Macro-mol-ecule Material Factory adopts the pr...
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  • Polishing, Beveling & Rounding Acrylic Edges

    Polishing Acrylic Edges When acrylic is mechanically cut, it’s often left with rough edges. For applications where edges are not exposed, this is okay; however, for a finer, finished look to the sheet’s border, it’s possible to use a variety of polishing or beveling techniques. https://www.garya...
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  • What is XISHUN Acrylic / Plexiglass?

    What is XISHUN Acrylic / Plexiglass? XISHUN Acrylic, also known as Plexiglass, is a versatile plastic material with a variety of purposes and benefits, available in a spectrum of colors and opacities. Acrylic sheet was first produced in 1928 and brought to the market by Mr.Honggang and XISHUN Com...
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  • What is the difference between XISHUN extruded and cast acrylic sheet?

    What is acrylic plastic? XISHUN Acrylic is a clear, strong, stiff plastic. It exhibits glass like qualities—clarity, brilliance, and transparency—but at half the weight and many times the impact resistance of glass. Acrylic is also available in many colors. What is the difference between extrud...
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  • XISHUN Acrylic Strong, stiff, clear plastic available in a variety of brilliant colors

    XISHUN Acrylic is a transparent plastic material with outstanding strength,stiffness. and optical clarity. Acrylic plastic sheet is easy to fabricate, bonds well with adhesives and solvents, and is easy to thermoform. It has superior weathering properties compared to many other transparent plasti...
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  • XISHUN Plastics offers custom part fabrication and cutting services for any shape or size.

    *All services may not be available for all materials. Certain restrictions apply. Contact customer service with any inquiries. XISHUN Plastics offers custom part fabrication and cutting services for any shape or size. Our experienced team of engineers, machine operators and fabricators can create...
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  • Benefits of XISHUN Colored Acrylic sheet

    XISHUN PLASTIC Both clear and colored acrylic offer a wide array of high-performance properties. Outside of the visual elements of acrylic, the material is also known for providing low UV sensitivity and overall weather resistance, making it ideal for outdoor signage and similar applications. It ...
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  • Colored Acrylic for Various Applications

    XISHUN PLASTIC When you think of acrylic, you probably picture a thin, clear sheet of plastic material. It is especially common in sneeze guards and protective coverings at businesses and healthcare facilities throughout the country since But XISHUN acrylic is also popular in retail displays and ...
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  • What are the benefits of Clear Acrylic Sheets?

    XISHUN Acrylic is vastly used in different industries, manufacturing processes, architecture applications, and other purposes. The major reason behind this wide usage of acrylic sheet is its unbeatable features. The sheet offers high resistance, is light-weighted, offer strength, clarity, and wea...
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