[GARY®]Finishings and Fabrications of Xishun Acrylic Ⅰ

 As a company with 25 years of experience in the production and processing of acrylic sheets, Xishun’s  are able to meet the needs of customers from sheet materials to finished process supply and application.

Today, I would like to introduce some basic processing technology services provided by Xishun Company for the processing of customers’ products.


Customized services for the size, thickness, color, transparency and other different plates of casting and extrusion processes are supported, and we also provide special customized services according to the final products of customers, such as secondary process adjustment service and oxidation resistance and UV resistance services.

 Besides, the following services are able for the customer.


With 5000mm x 2100mm cutting capability. Quick and efficient with accuracy down to 0.1mm ensures consistent and accurate material cutting.


With up to 3m x 2m capacity and up to 20mm thick acrylic, we can produce large and small laser cut panels, intricate shapes and specialise in repeat cut components or panels.


Precision drilling can be done in any panel and any position with accurate and consistent holes. no restriction! specify what size you need.


Up to 3m x 2m capacity, and a variety of different cutters achieving a wide range of cutting abilities in plastic and composite ali material.


We specialise in edge routing, and are able to create any type of shaped edge. Most common is radius routing and chamfering, this produces a safe edge, perfect for wall mirrors, screens and exposed edges.


A synthetic and diamond polisher take the top layer of the surface off to produce a glass clear and clarity edge. only available for clear acrylic.


A 1300°c degrees flame melts the surface and produces a glass smooth surface. Only available for clear acrylic.






































Post time: May-26-2021