[GARY®]Finishings and Fabrications of Xishun Acrylic Ⅱ

In general, acrylic is a decorative material, acrylic sheet is used for a part of the industrial products,but more acrylic sheets are used to make in the decorative products in our daily life.In addition to basic processing support, Xishun Acrylic Factory also provides customization with in-depth sample and product fabrication and production services,the example is that even though a small acrylic advertising display board, it will also involve a certain amount of manual production process. 


We use small and large strip heaters to form our bends. 


Spray the other paints on the original color layout can make imitation rock, imitation metal, imitation bark and water waves, wood grain and other various patterns,that to create and makes the 3D sense is stronger.


Print the image according to customer requirements and patterns, design and other specific size through the special printer, to achieve the realization of different printing processes. This processing with the good performance in high color saturation, good color effect, high gloss of the grain, beautiful vision.


A special process of manual processing.Sand blasting process is depended on the help of 0, 5~0.7Mpa compressed air to drive sand and spray on the metal surface by a special nozzle, after this processing,there is an extraordinary special atomization texture for the surface of the product.


Xishun provides one-stop sample making service for customers.Whenever customers provide specific samples, drawings and requirements for Acrylic, Xishun will try to use the most advanced methods to achieve the goals for customers according to these production requirements.





Post time: May-29-2021