[GARY®]–Adhesion instructions of acrylic sheet Ⅰ

The adhesion of acrylic sheet is a key link in the processing of acrylic products.How to show the clear and transparent characteristics of acrylic, reflect the value of acrylic crafts, and maximize the grade and taste of acrylic crafts, bonding technology plays an important role here.

The adhesion of acrylic sheet is mainly affected by two aspects, one is the applicability of the adhesive itself, the other is the bonding skills.At present, there are many adhesives in the domestic and foreign markets, mainly two types, one is solvent based, the other is resin based.Generally speaking, resin based adhesives are bonded by curing reaction, while solvent based adhesives are bonded by volatilization of solvent.

Resin adhesive is characterized by good bonding effect, no bubbles, no whitening and high strength.The disadvantages are complex operation, difficulty, long curing time, slow speed, difficult to adapt to the requirements of mass production.The general solvent adhesive is characterized by high speed, which can meet the requirements of mass production.The disadvantages are that the bonded products are easy to produce bubbles, easy to whiten and poor weather resistance, which directly affect the external appearance and quality of acrylic products.Therefore, in the processing of acrylic products, how to choose the appropriate adhesive to improve the taste and grade of acrylic products is a big problem that must be solved in the bonding process.

Acrylic shadowless adhesive, through the dissolution of acrylic, and release curing agent to participate in the curing reaction, realize the adhesion between acrylic.From the physical and chemical point of view, it has the commonality of the above two adhesives;From the point of view of operability and bonding effect, it completely overcomes their shortcomings and has their advantages.And the adhesive itself fully complies with the provisions of the EU countries, does not contain chloroform, benzene and other carcinogens.Due to its strong bonding function, kribon acrylic adhesive has comprehensive and incomparable advantages in the bonding of acrylic in China and the world.

Post time: Jul-04-2021