National Day holiday travel safety precautions

With the “11″ golden week holiday approaching, the National Day holiday is the peak of tourism.Whether you choose to travel by plane, train, bus or self driving, safety is the primary concern.The following is the National Day holiday travel safety precautions compiled by Xiaobian. You are welcome to refer to them.

Safety precautions for national day tourism I: traffic safety

The National Day holiday is the peak of travel.Whether you choose to travel by plane, train, bus or self driving, safety is the first thing to pay attention to.

1During the small and long holidays, we will continue to implement the toll free policy for small bus expressways and self driving tours

Tourists of self-help Tour shall timely obtain policy and road condition information through the media, reasonably arrange travel time and route, and try to avoid hot spots and peak hours.

2Pay attention to weather changes and early warning information, pay attention to bad weather such as haze and strong wind, and avoid tourism traffic accidents.

3Tourists who drive by themselves or take public transport should fasten their seat belts and do not put their heads, hands and feet out of the window;Eliminate fatigue driving, overload and overspeed driving to ensure their own safety.

Safety precautions for national day tourism II: accommodation safety

Accommodation is also a matter of attention during the National Day holiday.Whether you live in a small economic hotel, inn or 4 or 5-star high-end hotel, there are potential safety hazards.

1Understand the safety instructions for guest rooms, be familiar with the safe entrances and exits, evacuation routes and protective facilities of hotels, do not smoke indoors, discard cigarette butts, and do not use high-power electrical equipment in the room.

2Lock the doors and windows before going into and out of the room and going to bed. Don’t casually tell strangers the room number.

3Inform the tour guide when going out

Or companion, ask for the hotel contact card. If you get lost, you can ask according to the address on the card or take a taxi to ensure safe return.

4Take good care of your belongings. You can hand over your valuables to the front desk for safekeeping to prevent property theft.

National Day tourism safety precautions III: Food Safety

When traveling during the National Day holiday, eating well is a top priority.In particular, we are now in a sensitive period of avian influenza, and some things that can be avoided before travel should be avoided as far as possible.

1Travel to other cities or suburbs of Beijing, especially to folk customs

Visitors to villages and farmhouses should pay special attention to food hygiene, avoid eating unsafe food, eat raw food carefully or patronize roadside unlicensed stalls to prevent food poisoning.

2Beware of epidemic infectious diseases.Spring is the season of frequent infectious diseases, especially respiratory diseases. When traveling, you should carry common drugs. When sick, you should go to the hospital in time to prevent mutual infection.

Safety precautions for national day tourism IV: shopping safety

The National Day holiday is the peak period of travel, and the prices of popular tourist destinations begin to rise. Polish your eyes and be careful not to waste money.In addition, thieves in popular tourist destinations will also increase on holidays, and special attention should be paid to the safety of luggage and money.

1Do not put cash and valuables in checked baggage, coat pockets or handbags that are easy to be cut.

2Don’t let or help strangers take care of or check their luggage.

3We should consume rationally, try not to shop impulsively, and ask for formal invoices and other business vouchers to protect our rights.

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