Rewarding students and helping students warm people’s hearts, walk with love and set sail again

Representative of XISHUN Plastics factory participated in the 17th Teaching and Scholarship Awarding Conference of Xiyong Chen Zuoqian Memorial School on November 3, 2021. Certificates and scholarships were awarded to outstanding students and teachers of the school.
XISHUN Plastics factory has been supporting the local education and has awarded excellent students for many years. What’s more, XISHUN encourages students to be modest and prudent, to work hard and move towards their goals bravely. We hope that the students would cherish this honor, keep studying hard, and to improve their innovation abilities. And hope that they can have a healthy body, and inherit the revolutionary spirit of self-improvement, and use their knowledge and actions to serve the country in the future.

Post time: Nov-05-2021

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