Anti-Glare Acrylic Sheet

Anti-Glare Acrylic Sheet

A sheet of clear extruded acrylic that has been given a matte coating on one side to lessen glare and reflection. Useful in situations where strong illumination may result in distracting reflections. High-quality acrylic sheet with a high level of light transmission is anti-glare acrylic sheet. Extruded acrylic has a marginally lesser quality than cast acrylic, but because of its more cost-effective manufacturing process, it is a less expensive material to buy.

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A clear extruded acrylic sheet with a slightly matte surface finish on one side to reduce glare and reflection. Suitable for use for applications where high lighting levels can cause distracting reflections.

Anti-glare acrylic sheet is a high-quality acrylic sheet material with a high level of light transmission. Extruded acrylic is of a slightly lower quality than cast acrylic but its production process is more economical making it a lower-cost material to purchase.

Key features

Anti-glare surface
Excellent thickness tolerance
Optical clarity
Hard wearing
Weather resistant
Easy to bend and shape
Suitable for vacuum forming
Resistance against figure marks

Typical applications

Point of sale
Retail display
Picture framing

Detailed description

Produced with a fine matte surface on one side to help avoid glare by reducing reflection.

Excellent thickness tolerance
Extruded acrylic has an excellent thickness tolerance meaning there is little variation in thicknesses within the same sheet of material, this is also true of the thickness tolerance between multiple sheets of material. The thickness tolerance of extruded acrylic sheets is +/- 5% while the thickness tolerance of cast acrylic sheets can be as high as +/- 15%.

Optical clarity
While not quite as high as the optical clarity of clear cast acrylic sheet, clear extruded sheet still performs very well in this area. The economic cost of extruded acrylic is often required for high-volume projects, so unless the highest possible levels of optical clarity are required, then extruded an acrylic is an attractive option.

Weather resistant
With excellent resistance to the elements, a clear extruded acrylic sheet performs very well outside. No significant changes in appearance are expected over 10 years.

Extruded acrylic sheet is very easy to work with.

Vacuum forming
Extruded acrylic is suitable for vacuum forming making it a popular choice when complex shapes are required.

Production process

Clear extruded acrylic sheets and clear cast acrylic sheets are visually very similar but are two different materials each with advantages and disadvantages and each produced by very different manufacturing processes. Extruded clear acrylic sheet is produced by an extrusion process, acrylic resin pellets are heated to a molten mass which is continuously pushed through a die, the position of which determines the thickness of the sheet produced. Once through the die, the molten mass loses temperature and can be trimmed and cut to the required sheet sizes. The continuous nature of the extruded acrylic production process produces larger batches than that of cast acrylic production making it a more economical material.

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