Clear Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Clear Frosted Acrylic Sheet

We have a huge selection of frosted acrylic sheets available for purchase. Our frosted sheets may be cut and shaped to match your specific needs and are strong, lightweight, and versatile. The sheets have a matte texture that, in addition to lowering reflection, defuses light to lower transparency, making them ideal for projects requiring privacy, such supplementary glazing for a bathroom window. To suit every demand for your project, our range of frosted acrylic sheets is also offered in a huge selection of colors and thicknesses.

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We have an incredible collection of frosted acrylic sheets for sale. Our frosted sheets are durable, lightweight, and can be cut and shaped to meet your unique requirements. The sheets feature a matte finish which not only reduces reflection but also defuses the light to reduce transparency, perfect for projects which require privacy, such as secondary glazing for a bathroom window. Our frosted acrylic sheets portfolio is also available in a wide array of colors and thicknesses to meet your project's every need.

Product Features

Low Cost
Easy to clean and maintain
UV Stable ensures the products will not discolor
Stronger than glass and less than half the weight
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Fantastic Thermal Insulation
Protective film on both sides of the sheet

Product Applications

Secondary Glazing

What does the frosted term mean?

We refer to the products being frosted as they have a matt finish. The black and white colors in this range are solid and not able to see anything behind these however the other products in this range are transparent. 

How To Cut Acrylic Sheets?

Not only can you cut acrylic sheets, but it is incredibly easy to do so. There is a range of tools that you can use, which means that it is something that you can do yourself or get done professionally. Some examples include an electric jigsaw, a handsaw with uniform teeth, a scoring knife and a laser system.

There are two types of acrylic sheets available on the market, cast and extruded types. These are also called acrylic GS (cast) or acrylic XT (extruded); the cast version is poured into a flat plate after the production process while the extruded type is rolled to thinner thicknesses after pouring. When the thickness is reduced, the plate surface increases, making it easier to make a larger sheet. The disadvantage is that the stresses in the sheet material increase, so during machining, extruded sheets will break and crack easily – these are sold as cheap acrylic sheets.

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