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A wide range of acrylic sheets for your option: wholesale and custom acrylic sheets are available here, view more on this page.

Acrylic Sheets
Acrylic sheets are a versatile and lightweight material that can be used for a variety of applications. They are ideal for use in the manufacturing of custom China colored acrylic sheets. Manufactured from a combination of polymers, acrylic sheets offer a unique combination of clarity, strength and durability.

The customized acrylic sheet produced by our company are made from the highest quality materials and are highly resistant to scratching, UV light, and chemical exposure. We wholesale mirror, clear, color acrylic sheet at affordable prices. Our sheets are also available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, and colors, which allows you to buy custom cut acrylic sheets to meet the specific needs of your project.

And these sheets offer excellent clarity and strength, making them ideal for use in architectural and display applications. Our acrylic sheets are also available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, allowing you to customize your product to meet the specific needs of your project.

Xishun is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products and services. And we are proud to be a leading manufacturer of wholesale and custom acrylic sheets. Plus, the functional acrylic sheets and othere materials are easy to get here.

Q1: What is acrylic sheet?
A1: Acrylic sheet is a high molecular organic material, usually also called PMMA sheet. It has glass-like transparency and strong properties, but is relatively lightweight, while being easier to process and manufacture.

Q2: What are the advantages of acrylic sheet?
A2: Acrylic sheet has many advantages such as high transparency, light weight, good toughness, smoke resistance, flame retardant and fire resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, easy processing and molding, and easy cleaning.

Q3: Is acrylic sheet widely used?
A3: Yes, due to its excellent structure, acrylic sheets are widely used in construction, advertising, decoration, aviation, stationery, furniture, electronic products and other industries.

Q4: What are the processing methods for acrylic sheet?
A4: Acrylic sheets can be processed by cutting, drilling, hot bending, cold bending, injection molding, stretching and other processing techniques.

Q5: How to choose acrylic sheet?
A5: When choosing an acrylic sheet, you need to consider its thickness, transparency, gloss, strength and other factors. In addition, different applications require different processing methods and special requirements, and these factors also need to be considered.

Q6: What are the maintenance precautions for acrylic sheets?
A6: The surface of the acrylic sheet is easy to scratch, so it needs to be cleaned with a soft cloth, and do not use acidic or alkaline cleaners. Also, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or near heat sources.

General Acrylic Sheets


XiShun factory SGS GRS color pmma unbreakable acrylic thermoplastic acrylic sheet for ad

Colored acrylic is a type of acrylic sheet made with acrylic material as the base, combined with dyes or pigments to create a wide range of vibrant colors.

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Acrylic Sheet Perspex 4inch 3mm Thickness Transparent Clear Board Plexiglass Sheets For Laser Cutting

A transparent acrylic sheet is a type of plastic sheet made from polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) resin. It is commonly known as acrylic glass or simply acrylic. Here are some key characteristics of transparent acrylic sheets: 1. Transparency: Transparent acrylic sheets have excellent optical clarity, allowing up to 92% of light to pass through. They are often chosen as an alternative to glass due to their clarity. 2. Impact resistance: Acrylic sheets are highly durable and resistant to impact. They are approximately 17 times stronger than glass, making them a safe choice in various applications. 3. Lightweight: Compared to glass, acrylic sheets are significantly lighter in weight. This makes them easier to handle, transport, and install. 4. Weather resistance: Transparent acrylic sheets have excellent weather resistance, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. They can withstand various weather conditions and retain their clarity and strength over time. 5. Versatility: Acrylic sheets can be easily manipulated and fabricated into different shapes and sizes. They can be cut, drilled, laser engraved, bent, and molded to suit specific design requirements. 6. UV resistance: Transparent acrylic sheets provide good UV resistance, protecting the materials beneath them from harmful UV rays. This property makes them suitable for outdoor signage and glazing applications. 7. Chemical resistance: Acrylic sheets have good resistance to many chemicals, including solvents and common household chemicals. However, they are not recommended for use with strong alkalis or certain organic solvents. 8. Excellent insulation properties: Transparent acrylic sheets have good thermal insulation properties, making them useful in applications where insulation is required. Transparent acrylic sheets find wide applications in various industries, including architecture, construction, automotive, signage, display, furniture, and more. They offer an attractive and versatile solution for many design and functional purposes.

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Day Night Acrylic Sheet

When lighted at night, our Day Night Acrylic Sheet appears white during the night but is black during the day. Excellent light transmittance, durability and impact resistance are all qualities of this Black/White Acrylic. Day Night Acrylic Sheet is the perfect plastics material for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses. Acrylic sheeting is available from us at great internet prices.

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2000*3000Mm Acrylic Sheet

This 2000*3000MM acrylic sheet is secure, useful, robust and simple to use. Additionally, a protective film cover will be used during shipping to ensure its top condition. Impressive are glass panes. However, they are not particularly convenient to use and are readily breakable. They may also crack over time. You have found the ideal location if you have been hunting for a safer option!

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Mirror Acrylic Sheets


Mirror Sheet Manufacturer Gold Mirror Acrylic Sheet 1-6mm Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic mirror panels are mirror panels made of acrylic material, usually produced through injection molding or acrylic processing techniques. They have excellent optical properties, high refractive index, transparency, and are lighter and more impact-resistant than glass.

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Rose Gold Mirror Acrylic Sheet

These lightweight, shatterproof acrylic Rose Gold Mirror Acrylic Sheets for crafts can be easily cut with a laser, CNC router, table saw or other machine to create the crafts you want. However, the mirror surface cannot be cut with scissors.

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Translucent Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic mirror is frequently used as a more affordable alternative to glass mirror since it has five times the impact strength while weighing half as much as plate glass mirror. A variety of vibrant colors are available for acrylic mirror.

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Double Sided Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic is a great substitute for glass in any situation where it might break or crack. Acrylic mirror sheets are ideal for crafts, interior design projects, ornamental displays and other uses. Mirrored acrylic weighs half as much as glass but is much more impact and break resistant. A strip heater makes it simple to cut, drill, shape and bend sheets.

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Other Functional Acrylic Sheets


Big Flower Pattern Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic sheets are now used to create everything from pole signs to windows and TV screens. Acrylic sheet is now also employed by various sectors due to its many advantages over glass. Acrylic, a material with a wide range of applications, is becoming more popular due to its resilience, impact resistance, strength and selection of colours.

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Onion Powder Acrylic Sheet

100% fresh and of great calibre. Sharp, polished edges created by laser cutting. Ideal for numerous tasks, easy to cut and work with. stronger, safer, and less likely to break than glass. Excellent sound absorption and impact resistance. Perfect for drilling, bending, engraving, printing, and certain completed goods. improved anti-aging capabilities. Heat resistance; difficult to distort.

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Marble Pattern Effect Acrylic Sheet

Marble acrylic sheets combine the timeless elegance of marble with the practical advantages of acrylic. These sheets are not only durable and lightweight but also offer a sophisticated marble appearance that enhances any design project. Ideal for use in interior design, architectural accents, and modern furniture, they provide a cost-effective solution for achieving a high-end look.

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Colored Patterned Acrylic Sheets

The colored pattern acrylic sheet is designed for exceptional adaptability and resilience, capable of withstanding the rigors of the external environment. Its robust composition ensures that its performance remains unaffected even after prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions, including wind, rain, and the relentless sun. With built-in anti-aging properties, this acrylic sheet is a reliable material for outdoor applications, offering both longevity and safety.

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