customized acrylic sheets

Translucent Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic mirror is frequently used as a more affordable alternative to glass mirror since it has five times the impact strength while weighing half as much as plate glass mirror. A variety of vibrant colors are available for acrylic mirror.

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1220*2440Mm Acrylic Sheet

These acrylic sheets can be used for a variety of creative and professional projects, including photo frame glass replacement, art protectors, plastic canvas, tabletop protectors, see-through birdhouses, windows, lighting applications, manipulation, DIY hobbyists models, greenhouse, aquarium, and other handicrafts, fish tank lid, baffle, chicken coop, and dust shield, among others.

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1220*1830Mm Acrylic Sheet

Using tools you already own, such as a knife, table saw, hand saw, or power saw, you can cut Perspex or acrylic at home. The kind of acrylic sheet you are cutting, its thickness, and the shape you want should all influence the tool you use. Not all tools can be applied in every situation. For you, we can cut and shape acrylic. However, for more information on working with acrylic yourself, see our thorough instruction on how to cut acrylic.

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