Translucent Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Translucent Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic mirror is frequently used as a more affordable alternative to glass mirror since it has five times the impact strength while weighing half as much as plate glass mirror. A variety of vibrant colors are available for acrylic mirror.

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Benefiting from being half the weight of plate glass mirror with five times the impact strength, acrylic mirror is often used as a more economical alternative to glass mirror. Acrylic mirror is available in a range of vivid colors.

Key features

Mirror finish in a range of vid colors
Stronger than glass mirror
Lighter than glass mirror

Typical applications

Point of sale/Point of purchase
Retail display
Display cases
Model making
Prop making
Theatrical set design
Cosmetic display
Home use
DIY projects

Detailed description

Colored mirror finish 
Highly reflective colored mirrored surface with a grey backing on the reverse.

Impact resistance is 10 times greater than the equivalent glass mirrors.

Sheet acrylic mirror is a lightweight material that is easy and safe to handle, work and install.

Unlike some traditional glass mirror, acrylic mirror is shatterproof.

Application tips and instructions

The acrylic mirror sheet is flexible so must be applied to a perfectly flat surface to minimize the chance of distortion.

To help keep the mirror sheet flat and rigid, we recommend applying a mirror sheet to a perfectly flat sheet of plywood or MDF of at least 3/4" thickness. This should be done with good mirror adhesives such as Evo-Stick Mirror Adhesive (must be non-solvent based adhesive) or a good quality VHB double-sided tape. Any adhesive used must be applied evenly across the entire surface of the mirror (we recommend using a Gloss roller brush to spread the adhesive evenly) to help achieve a flat finish, therefore, minimizing the chance of distortion.

Both mirror adhesive and VHB double-sided tape are readily available in all good hardware stores.


Q: What is the MOQ?
A: If in stock, the MOQ is 1 piece
Out of stock: Casting board: 15 sheets a color/thickness; Extrusion board: 1 ton for the transparent board, 2 tons for the color board.

Q: What is your delivery time?
A: 7-15 days (mainly depends on the actual order purchase volume)

Q: What is the payment method?
A: T/T

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