Rainbow Acrylic Sheet

Rainbow Acrylic Sheet

A unique sheet of iridescent acrylic in rainbow colors. The color of this Rainbow Acrylic Sheet changes depending on the angle from which it is seen. Since it is translucent, the other side can clearly be seen. Perfect for artistic endeavors that demand striking designs.

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About this item

COLOR: A special rainbow-colored iridescent acrylic sheet. This Rainbow Acrylic Sheet has a unique subtle mirror effect that changes color with the viewing angle. It's transparent so objects can be seen clearly on the other side. Perfect for creative projects that require eye-catching designs.

PROTECTION: All of our Rainbow Acrylic Sheets are protected with strong masking on both sides to prevent scratches and damages. Our acrylic panels are well equipped with four protective cases on each corner &packed in double-layer bubble bags to ensure that the corners of the product are intact.

MULTIPLE USES: Like all acrylics, this Rainbow Acrylic Sheet can be easily laser-cut, formed, and fabricated. All our Rainbow Acrylic Sheets can be cut on sawed, routed, laser cut or engraved, thermoformed, glued, painted, silkscreened, or drilled... It is the perfect plexiglass material for all kinds of crafts projects.

100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Please contact us if you have any problems, our friendly and helpful customer service center is always here for you.


1. To avoid the danger of scratch, keep acrylic sheets away from babies and children.

2. Designed with protective films on both sides, these colored acrylic sheets need to be removed before use.

3. Rainbow Acrylic Sheet comes with only 1 color, it changes color with different viewing angles.

How Is Acrylic Made?

We'll have to get a little bit scientific for this one. Acrylic is made from acrylonitrile, a synthetic polymer. As there are two kinds of acrylic, they are made in slightly different ways. 

How Is Cast Acrylic Made?
It is made through batch cell production. This is when MMA liquid is pumped into a glass mold and then submerged in warm water. The change in temperature results in polymerization, creating a sheet of rigid acrylic. 

How Is Extruded Acrylic Made?
It is made through a continuous production process. PMMA pellets are fed into an extrusion barrel, driven by a screw auger system. The temperature is gradually increased, melting the pellets. The liquid is then pushed into a die, and increased pressure pushes it into a molten sheet. Finally, it is passed through cooling rollers until it can be subject to finishing treatments. 

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