Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet

Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet

A unique kind of sheet having the potential to glow at the edges in daylight is a fluorescent acrylic sheet. These sheets can capture and diffuse ambient room light or sunshine to the edges to produce a distinct glow thanks to a particular manufacturing process. Our fluorescent acrylic is cell cast, making it perfect for regular acrylic sheet application, CNC routing, fabrication, and laser cutting/engraving.

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A Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet is a specialized type of sheet, with the unique ability to glow at the edges in natural light. A certain type of manufacturing allows these sheets to catch and disperse sunlight or ambient room light to the edges to create a distinct glow. Our Fluorescent Acrylic is Cell Cast acrylic making it ideal for laser cutting/engraving, CNC routing, fabrication and general acrylic sheet use.

About this item

Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet: Create custom signs, menu boards, picture frames and displays for your home or small business with this fluorescent acrylic sheet set.

Multi-Purpose: Use markers or paint to add business logos, motivational quotes, or names onto the clear Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet to ensure your sign stands out from the competition.

High Quality: The colored Fluorescent Acrylic Sheets are made from strong and durable clear acrylic material that is lighter and stronger than glass with a smooth, transparent surface for convenient and easy customization.

Dimensions: Each acrylic sheet measures 48*96 inches but can easily be cut down to your preferred size, shape, and length.

Product Care

Acrylic is a relatively soft material and can scratch easily if not taken care of. It also naturally builds up a static charge and can attract dust easily. You can use the Acrylic cleaners such as Novus and Brillianize to clean it.

Fluorescent Acrylic FAQs

Q: Can acrylic be used behind a hob?

A: Acrylic can be used for kitchen splashbacks but should not be used behind the hob as it has a low fire rating and could potentially melt. We recommend using aluminium composite behind the hob. Please note colours may not match and we highly recommend you purchase a sample first to compare the colours.

Q: How do you clean an acrylic sheet?

A: Do not use household chemicals on the sheet as the sheets could react to certain chemicals, we recommend using warm soapy water with a non-abrasive cloth or using our range of cleaning products.

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