Hard Coat Acrylic Sheet
hard coated acrylic sheet
hard coated acrylic sheet
hard coated acrylic sheet
hard coated acrylic sheet
hard coated acrylic sheet
  • hard coated acrylic sheet
  • hard coated acrylic sheet
  • hard coated acrylic sheet
  • hard coated acrylic sheet
  • hard coated acrylic sheet

Hard Coat Acrylic Sheet

A sheet of hard-coated acrylic in different widths and thicknesses. A hard-coated, clear acrylic plastic sheet with outstanding resistance to abrasion, scratches, chemicals and weather deterioration is provided. A variety of sheet widths and thicknesses are offered for this product.

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1200 ton per Month

A hard coated acrylic sheet in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. This is a hard-coated, clear acrylic plastic sheet – offering excellent resistance against abrasion, scratches, chemicals and weather degradation. This product is available in a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses. 

Hard Coated Acrylic Sheet Applications and Advantages

Architecture, Automotive, Lighting, and Non-military aviation
Screens and Monitors
Skylights and Windows
Sound barriers and Windshields
Space, Aerospace, Imaging, Microscopy, and Medical
Military and Defense
Research and Development
Consumer Electronics
Heat and chemical resistant
Weathering and aging resistant
Simple to bond and thermoform
Break-resistant and impact-resistant

Uses of Acrylic 

Acrylic sheets are used in many different ways as a replacement for glass. For example, places you might see acrylic are in stores, shopping centers, aquariums, boat windows and point-of-sale displays.

To protect furniture: Acrylic sheets look just like glass and are much lighter and much stronger. Making them a safer way to cover the surfaces of much-loved furniture, so it does not get damaged. 
Coloured Splashbacks: Updating your kitchen or bathroom and adding a splash of color is easy with acrylic. Perspex splashbacks are the easy, grout-free alternative to tiling - this is also a cheaper solution! We cut splashbacks to the correct size and shape for your wall so all you have to do is glue it in place.
To replace glass: Acrylic sheets are worthy alternatives to glass on bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors, due to them being more durable in their designs. Broken glass is being replaced with acrylic becoming the popular choice because it is so much stronger and less likely to break than glass whilst looking just like it.

Wall shelves: Customers are choosing a material that is more cost-effective, easier to install and able to stand the test of time much better than glass and plywood alike.

Mirrored furniture: Save yourself the expense of buying mirrored furniture and create your own from your existing furniture and mirrored acrylic.

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