Acrylic Sheets
Acrylic sheets are a versatile and lightweight material that can be used for a variety of applications. They are ideal for use in the manufacturing of custom China colored acrylic sheets. Manufactured from a combination of polymers, acrylic sheets offer a unique combination of clarity, strength and durability.

The customized acrylic sheet produced by our company are made from the highest quality materials and are highly resistant to scratching, UV light, and chemical exposure. We wholesale mirror, clear, color acrylic sheet at affordable prices. Our sheets are also available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, and colors, which allows you to buy custom cut acrylic sheets to meet the specific needs of your project.

And these sheets offer excellent clarity and strength, making them ideal for use in architectural and display applications. Our acrylic sheets are also available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, allowing you to customize your product to meet the specific needs of your project.

Xishun is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products and services. And we are proud to be a leading manufacturer of wholesale and custom acrylic sheets. Plus, the functional acrylic sheets and othere materials are easy to get here.

Q1: What is acrylic sheet?
A1: Acrylic sheet is a high molecular organic material, usually also called PMMA sheet. It has glass-like transparency and strong properties, but is relatively lightweight, while being easier to process and manufacture.

Q2: What are the advantages of acrylic sheet?
A2: Acrylic sheet has many advantages such as high transparency, light weight, good toughness, smoke resistance, flame retardant and fire resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, easy processing and molding, and easy cleaning.

Q3: Is acrylic sheet widely used?
A3: Yes, due to its excellent structure, acrylic sheets are widely used in construction, advertising, decoration, aviation, stationery, furniture, electronic products and other industries.

Q4: What are the processing methods for acrylic sheet?
A4: Acrylic sheets can be processed by cutting, drilling, hot bending, cold bending, injection molding, stretching and other processing techniques.

Q5: How to choose acrylic sheet?
A5: When choosing an acrylic sheet, you need to consider its thickness, transparency, gloss, strength and other factors. In addition, different applications require different processing methods and special requirements, and these factors also need to be considered.

Q6: What are the maintenance precautions for acrylic sheets?
A6: The surface of the acrylic sheet is easy to scratch, so it needs to be cleaned with a soft cloth, and do not use acidic or alkaline cleaners. Also, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or near heat sources.

Acrylic Tube/Rod


Clear Acrylic Tube

Cast acrylic tube is widely employed in the food processing sectors as well as in oil, gas, and pipeline research and fabrication, whereas extruded acrylic tube is used for point-of-sale displays and adorning furniture pieces. We hope be your clear acrylic tube large diameter manufacturer and supplier.

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Colored Acrylic Tube

Utilize PC threading tubes and specialised PC water cooling arrangements; indoor advertising (shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, exhibition halls, office buildings, etc), signs, light boxes, frames, and other forms of outdoor advertising Construction (tent, light shade, sound insulation door and window, booths, etc) (tent, light shade, sound insulation door and window, booths, etc), Medical (medical equipment, infant incubator, aquarium, sanitary facilities, etc) (medical equipment, infant incubator, aquarium, sanitary facilities, etc), Lighting (chandeliers, fluorescent bulb, lamp shade, etc) (chandeliers, fluorescent lamp, lamp shade, etc).

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Clear Acrylic Dowel Rods

These acrylic rods in a professional clear acrylic rod supplier are composed of high-quality acrylic material that is durable, safe and comfortable to touch. They are also not easily broken or deformed, so they may be used for a long time.

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Transparent Colored Acrylic Rod for Sale

Our transparent colored acrylic rods are available in a wide range of hues to match any design palette. Crafted from high-quality acrylic, these rods are designed to be both durable and visually stunning. They are an excellent alternative to glass, providing the same clear, glossy finish with the added benefits of acrylic’s lightweight and shatter-resistant properties.

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Other Materials


Polycarbonate Solid Sheet/Pc Solid Sheet

Polycarbonate, sometimes referred to as Lexan or Makrolon, is a strong, unbreakable plastic that is extremely transparent. It is simple to use and provides countless design options for your VEX robot. Sheets may be heated and twisted, as well as simply cut (even tin snips work well for little sections).

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Polystyrene Sheet/Ps Sheet

Dimensional strength, impact resistance and heat resistance are all strengths that polystyrene sheets combine well. Additionally, they are completely safe and suited for a variety of applications because they are non-toxic, odourless and simple to manufacture. Due of these qualities, high-impact styrene is a prefered and frequently used material for producing models, signs, POP or Craft displays and other everyday fixtures.

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Rigid PVC Board Plastic Sheet

Rigid PVC board plastic sheets offer remarkable versatility, akin to traditional materials like wood, metal, and aluminum. They can be effortlessly cut, machined, nailed, glued, and screwed to fit any specific requirement. These sheets are highly adaptable and can be molded into any desired shape. Additionally, they are compatible with various finishing techniques, including digital and screen printing, painting, saw cutting, routing, die cutting, and can be securely mounted using cold mounting methods.

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Polystyrene Mirror Sheet/Ps Mirror Sheet

This mirror is genuine, just like the ones made of glass. But because it is composed of polystyrene mirror sheets, you may easily cut or bend it into the right shape for your project. Easy-to-use Polystyrene Mirror Sheets give artwork a sparkling touch any project with lustre, With Polystyrene Mirror Sheets, you may express your creativity in a completely new way.

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Customized Services Available


Wholesale Acrylic Sheets for Laser Cutting

Introducing our Wholesale Acrylic Sheets for Laser Cutting! These high-quality sheets are perfect for laser cutting projects. Available in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes, including clear and iridescent options. Whether you need colored, patterned, or clear acrylic sheets, our wholesale selection has got you covered. Achieve precise and intricate designs with ease using our acrylic sheets designed specifically for laser cutting.

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Bonding & Forming Acrylic Sheet

Our bonding & forming acrylic sheets are the epitome of versatility and functionality in the realm of acrylic solutions. These sheets are crafted to meet the rigorous demands of both bonding and forming applications, providing a reliable and high-quality option for professionals across various industries.

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CNC Cutting Acrylic Sheet

Our high-quality CNC Cutting Acrylic Sheet, perfect for precision cutting and shaping. This acrylic sheet is specifically designed for CNC cutting, ensuring accurate and clean results every time. With its durable construction, it can effortlessly handle various applications, including plexiglass and plastic sheet cutting. Experience the convenience and efficiency of CNC technology with our reliable acrylic sheet.

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