Acrylic Sheet -Good Choice For The Adertising Boards & Signage Boards

Acrylic Sheet -Good Choice For The Adertising Boards & Signage Boards

2023-10-27 15:42:35

Acrylic is the number one choice when youre concerned for safety and handling. It is stronger and tougher than glass, its lightweight and easy to shape or fabricate. Acrylic has a higher impact resistant than glass, but it still has similar impact strength. The lightweight of acrylic is also another great benefit. Youre able to use an acrylic sheet that is twice the thickness but still weighing about half the weight of a conventional glass sheet.1.png

Among all the different application fields, plexiglass sheet is mostly frequent applied in advertising. Acrylic signboards and lighting boxes are the common seen medium in advertising. The advantages of multiple colors, light weight, easy fabrication, high transparency allow perspex sheets to become the most popular choice for signboards and lighting boxes. Color plays an important role in advertising. Many companies promote their brand image and logo through their distinctive color. With the vivid color expression, the company image is rooted in the consumers' mind.

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