Glitter Acrylic Sheet

Glitter Acrylic Sheet

The only real distinction between the premium glitter sheet and other ordinary cast acrylic sheets is where the shimmering glitter particles are embedded. The distinctiveness of the wide variety of colours and patterns makes them perfect for use as point-of-purchase displays, store fixtures, novelty items, accessories, lighting and signs or lettering. Due to the glitter flakes, laser cutting requires a little bit more power.

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The premium glitter sheet has the same properties as other standard cast acrylic sheet, the most significant difference is in which shimmering glitter flakes embedded. The uniqueness of large selection of colours and patterns are ideal for point of purchase display, store fixture, novelty, accessory, lighting, and in sign or lettering applications. When comes to laser cutting, slightly more power is required because of the glitter flakes.

Please note that the pattern and consistency of glitter will vary from sheet to sheet. There may also be slight surface imperfection. These are not considered as defects and are unavoidable during manufacturing.

About this item

Strong & Durable Plastic Sheet: Glitter Acrylic Sheet with a thickness of 1/8" and a rigid structure and high scratch resistance can provide long-lasting service; each plastic sheet comes with double-sided protective films to prevent scratching while transporting; please make sure to peel them off before using.

Beautiful Glitter & Easy to clean: Glitter Acrylic Sheets with unique color and eye-catching glitter with excellent reflection to light from different angles, can have great performance when crafting; Glitter acrylic sheets with strong stain resistance can easily keep clean with just a wipe of a damp cloth or a wash in water.

Easy to Shape & Process: Glitter Acrylic Sheets with good flexibility provide neat cut edges without burrs; acrylic sheets can be easily cut, sawed and laser engraved by different kinds of tools like hand saws, electric drills, jigsaws, laser cutters and table saws.

Multipurpose Use: Glitter Acrylic Sheets are ideal for various DIY crafts and professional projects; plastic sheets for crafts can be shaped for laser-engraved signage, display cases, desktop protector, home décor, stage props design, art crafts and so on.

Professional Service & Choice: This Glitter Acrylic Sheet can't be cut by diode laser machines. Use our Glitter Acrylic Sheets to make magnificent crafts; if you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us; we will take full responsibility for the quality of our acrylic sheets and solve your problem within 24 hours.

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