One Side Frosted Acrylic Sheet

One Side Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Frosted Cast Acrylic Sheet is available in a wide array of gorgeous colors to meet all creative needs. It features a matte surface on one side or both sides. Standard sheet sizes for frosted acrylic sheet are 1220*1830mm and 1220*2440mm, with thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 30mm. Both to the sight and to the touch, our frosted finish is highly noticeable.

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Frosted Cast Acrylic Sheet has a matte finish on one side or on both sides and is available in a wide range of stunning colors to suit all design requirements.

Frosted acrylic sheet is available in thicknesses from 2mm to 30 mm, and standard sheet sizes are 1220*1830mm and 1220*2440mm for your options.

Our frosted finish is very obvious, both from the eyes and by touch.

What Is the Best Acrylic Sheet to Use for You?

Kitchen and Bathroom Splashbacks
Kitchen splashbacks can add personality and character to a kitchen whilst making it much easier to keep your kitchen clean. A splashback can be the focal point of your kitchen and provides you with a multitude of different styles to choose from.

As well as in kitchens, splashbacks can also be applied to bathrooms to freshen up your bathroom decor and are easy to clean, offer splashproof protection to your walls and most of all, bathroom splashbacks are extremely durable and impact resistant.

Coloured acrylic and aluminium composite are the best types of products for kitchens. However,  we would recommend using aluminium composite near a heat source. Coloured acrylic is also perfect for bathroom splashbacks. Both materials can be purchased in a variety of different colours to suit your kitchen or bathroom colour scheme.

Personal Protective Equipment
Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used in hospitals and many other workplaces to protect employees from viruses and infections. PPE can be anything from sneeze guards (used to separate shopworkers from customers and keep workers spaced apart) or even plastic face guards worn as face coverings in pubs and public places.

Face shields are typically worn in the medical industry but have recently been used throughout hospitals to protect nurses, doctors and health workers against the coronavirus. Clear plastic is the best type of acrylic for PPE as it is hardwearing and transparent.

Acrylic is a relatively lightweight material that is often used to create bespoke trophies and awards. As a versatile material, acrylic is often used to create plastic awards with a transparency of 93% and weighing in at less than half the weight of glass. Stunning and sophisticated designs can be created at only a fraction of the cost of a glass model. 

Replacement Shed Windows
Acrylic sheets are perfect for replacing shed windows as they are UV resistant and will therefore not discolour in the sun. They are also easy to clean and are stronger than glass, as well as half the weight, making them more durable throughout the year.  Acrylic is a cost-effective way of replacing your shed windows and is a much better option than using glass.

Clear acrylic is best for replacement shed windows, although you can opt for tinted colour acrylic if you'd prefer to have something a little different. Depending on what is stored in your shed, for example, if you are storing valuables or if your shed is easily accessible to intruders, then we strongly recommend using coloured acrylic to hide the contents of your shed and keep your valuables safe.

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